Standard phantoms from XDesign


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XDesign is an open-source Python package for generating configurable x-ray imaging phantoms, simulating data acquisition, and benchmarking x-ray tomographic image reconstruction.


  • Assist faster development of new generation tomographic reconstruction methods

  • Allow quantitative comparison of different reconstruction methods

  • Create a framework for designing x-ray imaging experiments

Current Scope

  • Customizable 2D phantoms constructed from circles and convex polygons

  • Quantitative reconstruction quality and probe coverage metrics

  • Attenuation interactions with X-ray probes of uniform flux

  • Use of analytic (exact) solutions for algorithms and computation



The project is licensed under the BSD-3 license.


Ching, Daniel J., and Doga Gürsoy. “XDesign: an open-source software package for designing x-ray imaging phantoms and experiments.” Journal of synchrotron radiation 24, no. 2 (2017): 537-544.


Since version 0.5, XDesign is available on the conda-forge channel. Install it in the usual way:

$ conda install xdesign -c conda-forge